The BRIGHT HELLAS TEAM, with the filling of time, maintains and strengthens the “emotional relationship” which boldly admits having with each and all the stages of its work! A relationship in constant demand of effort, imagination, feelings, interest and restlessness for success!


Sworn servants of corporate affairs, which make the world, go round, we remain “restless” and we create complete results with innovative methods. We are having an arsenal of all the means, human resources and products necessary to cover all of our clients’ needs.

BRIGHT HELLAS & ASSOCIATES brings fully integrated Solutions and Consultant services in the areas of Corporate Development, Trade Market and Sales, Hospitality Operation Management.


Collect together all the different forms of Communication, Operation and Production to create an overall strategy and develops integrated results that are tailored to our clients' needs.

Concept, Creative Design and Production Methods, Corporate Communication, Digital Marketing, Event Planning, Visual Material Production as well as Brands Activation and Operation Commercial Markets with Innovative Product Categories.


We analyze, communicate, create, organize, produce, promote and we are at your disposal to work in detail on our Methods and Means.

As our specialist units can take advantage of synergies, our clients benefit in various ways: no unnecessary briefings, no exuberant need for coordination between agencies and most of all with effective cross-promotional and integrated results.


BRIGHT HELLAS & ASSOCIATES is a partner-team by your side

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