As much as heating is necessary in winter, so is the case of cooling in summer, either at home or at work. A natural and economical means is an autonomous Air Cooler (= air cooler). An Air Cooler can become your perfect "companion" during the summer months, due to its ability to maintain a comfortable and uniform temperature in the room.


Air Coolers are based on water evaporation, a technology in which water is used to absorb heat from the air during the water evaporation process to reduce the temperature. An Air Cooler effectively cools the space by acting as a fan and having an additional cooling system through water evaporation located inside the tank. The warm air of the room enters the holes of the unit and passes through the cooling panel. Then, the water evaporates and the incoming air cools and then exits -cool now- from the fan and is led to the environment. This whole process results in a healthy and natural way of cooling down.

FRESH Air Coolers have an economical cooling system without freon, which adds moisture to the air through its water tank and is ideal for very dry and hot areas.


FRESH Air Coolers are a cheaper solution both in terms of purchase cost and because they consume less energy. With two basic mechanisms requiring power, the fan and the water pump, the power consumption is limited to 210-400 Watt and significantly reduces the electricity bills.


FRESH Air Coolers are portable, equipped with wheels and do not require installation. Which means they do not require any permanent connection and you can move them from place to place easily.


FRESH Air Coolers have the ability to maintain a comfortable and uniform temperature in the room. With only one filling of the water tank you can enjoy 20 hours and more of coolness without replenishment.


Our FRESH Air Coolers leave a minimal amount of moisture in the air without drying the atmosphere. Ideal cooling solution for those who face certain health issues, such as nasal infections, nosebleeds, eye and skin irritations, allergies, etc.


Our FRESH Air Coolers are also ideal for the environment. They use natural elements, without toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. They work with the windows of the room open or outdoors, to "bring" a steady stream of outside air that naturally renews the air in the room.


FRESH Air Coolers have a water tank with a capacity of 60-80-120 liters and consume minimal energy. They are very efficient outdoors or outdoors. Extremely flexible proposal in professional or limited spaces. Air Coolers are very "elegant" and offer excellent aesthetics that enhances the appearance of the space in which they are placed. These cooling systems offer high portability due to their design and require much less maintenance and are easy to clean.

Bright Hellas FRESH Air Cooler will keep you cool and beautify your space ECONOMICALLY AND ENVIRONMENTALLY.