The wine market, today, is growing based on increased urbanization, rising incomes and low alcohol consumption. Consumption of bottled wine is steadily increasing at high levels of 6% per year at the expense of all other categories of alcoholic beverages. The global wine market is estimated at $ 288 billion and is expected to reach $ 402 billion by 2023. Currently, there are over 1 million small and large wine producers worldwide. In today's changing environment and constant access to new information, innovation, quality, flexibility and creativity are the key to the success of any product.
Where does Bright Hellas fit?
The bottling is done by Global Wines Ltd with Bright Hellas as Representative - Distributor in Greece and Cyprus. Global Wines is a professional team of passionate oenologists and producers, full of enthusiasm and uninterrupted professional pursuit. The production facilities are 2,000 sq.m. and warehouses of 2,500 sq.m. The company, with an annual production capacity of 8 million bottles, 1.5 million standard Boxes / Shelves and tanks with a capacity of 500 thousand liters, continues to expand its production capacity, with plans to double it by the end of 2020. Thanks to the team's many years of experience and professionalism, production, bottling and standardization are done according to the highest standards of hygiene and technology with machines, entirely by leading manufacturers worldwide.
Our unique proposal!
We provide you with a rich collection of high quality wines from leading wine producers in the world, to offer your customers attractive products of proven quality that will create interest and increase your profits. Place our new successful products on your market - either with "searched" quality and world-class labels or by choosing to appear with your own Private Label - as a starting point for a pioneering and profitable collaboration!
WINNING RESULTS with high quality competitive products.

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