What we do

At BrightID, we create with a strategic approach to building brands that people love. Through solutions based on methods and means, a creative process involving the people we work with, we are able to illuminate key messages that inspire action. We are a full-service marketing and communication company with strategic and a unique structure that provides a seamless experience on creating a 360° view. We develop innovative models, with the knowledge and experience of traditional media and create effective approaches to social networks through the management of new technologies. We continue to refine the collaboration of Costumer - Brand - Consumer, through our commitment to measurable results, a collaborative approach and know-how in emerging technologies.


Marketing Management
Printed Communication
Branded Solutions
Digital Marketing
Interactive Material Design

Marketing management

We don't believe in flooding the market with generic sales-based marketing. Our approach has always been - and always will be - to help our partners find an authentic voice and deliver unique, targeted messages through only the most relevant channels.

Creative communication

We act through Emotional Impact-based Creator and quickly deliver targeted messages with clearly defined benefits. As a full-service Communications company, creative and advertising agency, digital expert and new media management, we do not do things for demonstration but are committed to delivering measurable results.

Digital marketing

A thorough understanding of the product and the competitive landscape is a critical component of what we do. From brand placement, response to messages, consumer opinion to keyword ranking, we set goals and help develop. With up-to-date, innovative and constantly customizing digital tools we can know and analyze exactly what is going on with your messages, offering customize solutions.


We believe in the perfect balance of knowledge expertise and extensive experience, tools and methods, traditional and innovative, dynamic openness and tailored approach to data, creative diversification and market focus. We want to succeed and we want our partners to win.

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