It is the term chosen for the "bed and breakfast" service (collapsing into "B&B" or "BnB") and relates to an overnight accommodation and breakfast. Apartments are often private, family-run homes that usually have hosts living in and rooms available or whole as fully furnished. Breakfast is also used to describe the level of catering included in a hotel's room rates, as opposed to the simple room or even half board and full board. Managing the B&B Apartment as a Business? B&B apartments can function either as a secondary source of income or as a primary occupation. Frequently the owners themselves rent out and manage their space, from channel posting to social media communication. They prepare the welcome, breakfast and clean the rooms. They are alienated for the key or when an immediate technical problem occurs. They do it themselves, use family members or hire staff or look for partnerships. Really how many specialties do you need and how many skilled people? Answer one: the “BrightLiving Experience” and its customized services.
What do we define as a BrightLiving Experience? The integrated services of the “BrightLiving” platform are concentrated in two areas.

Digital Factor Solutions

Contains all Digital Marketing activities as well as property listing, networking, social media communication, booking and reports - active management results.

Human Factor Solutions

Contains all Maintenance and Commercial Management actions. We have the technical support of the property, the preparation and equipment of consumables, the cleaning, check-in and check-out and generally all the hospitality and tourist support services that are summarized there.

BrightLiving CLOUD Solutions (Digital Factor)

Space registration
Create a digital page on channels for booking (like AirBnB, Booking etc)
Registration management
Communication with prospective visitors
Guest rating
Booking agreement
Booking management
Smart and automatic pricing
Calendar monitoring
Inform the owner
Providing online services to visitors
Internet facilities for owners

BrightLiving EARTH Solutions (Human Factor)

With the "all around 24h" service we provide continuous 24-hour care of the property's technical needs, the landlord in the offing and the landlord in general in business problems.

With the check-in / check-out service we undertake to inform the user of access, routes and distances, costs and other useful information. At check-in there is also the option of check-in with personalized key delivery, site tour and first 'acquaintance' with the surrounding area, interests and activities. At check-out, our staff will pick up the keys, scrutinize areas for any loss, damage or damage, and will ensure that landlords are properly disposed of.

Proper preparation of the property, the particular features of the apartment, the comforts and the necessity of consumables together, are a key factor in highlighting and highly rated by users. With the "sort supply" service our executives, knowing the particularities of each tenant, organize and take care of them when preparing the space.

With the "fresh + clean" service we take care of the cleanliness of the premises with properly qualified workshops, under the supervision of our staff. We will take care of the hygiene and freshness of the apartment, delivering an excellent result.

Replacement and cleaning of bed linen and towels after use - at a time specified by the tenant concerned. It is a "laundry set" service where our crews undertake to collect, record, replace and wash them in their entirety so that they are ready for storage and re-use in future bookings.

Why BrightLiving Management?

BrightLiving has specialized executives and developing response systems. Has the technical, technological equipment and know-how as defined by the certifications. It gathers excellent results with market knowledge and business experience. He is your trusted manager, the right “at to the point” employee, your loyal partner.

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